Flavoured Fork is a family run bespoke corporate buffet catering business, delivering to small to large corporations within the Birmingham area…


Our Ethos

What makes Flavoured Fork different to many lunch buffet caters is our hearts are committed to providing high quality foods made from scratch with presentation to match, as well as ensuring excellent customer service.  We refuse to provide our clients with i.e. shop bought sausage rolls, samosas and dry chicken! we want to stand out from the croud and provide dishes with a difference.


Retaining our customers

We’re so proud of our customer retention, we’re regularly asking for feedback and this always tends to be a positive response.  This is due to a number of reasons… listening, communicating, presentation and showing our passion for good food.  We look after a number of large to small corporations within the local area of Cofton Hackett, Longbridge, Northfield, Rubery, Bromsgrove, Avleschurch and Halesowen as well as catering for the NHS.


Our meat produce

Flavoured Fork appreciates the difference in good quality meats and therefore will only source the very best suppliers, using local butchers and supporting our farmers.  Our favourite signature dishes tend to be our honey mustard sausages with sesame seeds, our tender satay chicken skewers, mini beef in Yorkshire puddings, cajun chicken drumsticks, meat platters and homemade juicy puff pastry sausage rolls, these are just a few to mention.


Sandwich Platters

Using the finest of quality breads and constantly thinking out of the box with regards to our tasty fillings, our sandwich platters come highly recommended by many local businesses.  We pride ourselves on our signature sandwich fillings i.e. The  cajun chicken & roasted pepper filling, as well opening our ears to customer recommendations.  Processed foods is a no no for Flavoured Fork, therefore all meats for sandwiches are freshly cooked and never out of a packet.  Please free feel to ask if you have any special requirements with regards to fillings or breads etc.  We can provide all kind of bread on request from crusty, seeded, pumpkin seed, wraps and tiger rolls and gluten free…. anything is possible.



Why not VIP your buffet with a selection of delicious cold fresh bespoke hand finished canapés.  Smoked salmon canapés, Mini beef Yorkshire pudding canapés, falafel & hummus canapés , Chorizo and Mozzarella canapés, Chicken Skewer canapés, Pork canapés, roasted vegetable canapés, vegetarian canapés all made by Flavoured Fork.


Vegetarian Options

Our staff are made up of meat eaters, vegetarians and pescetarians, therefore we know it’s important to keep producing new ideas with regards to vegetarian foods… amongst many, our roasted vegetable/cheese skewers and superfood salads are extremely popular, we also provide many Quorn alternative dishes.


Cakes & Desserts

Our homemade cupcakes, brownies, flapjacks and many other items are again freshly made to order.  Tried and tested by many, we assure you, you will not disappointed! Again taste and presentation is key!


Breakfast Meetings

From continental breakfasts, danish pastries, breakfast wraps and hot meat sandwiches, Flavoured Fork will deliver to your business for 9am… Minimum order £50 (48 hour notice)


Allergens & Health & Hygiene

Nowadays more than ever it’s important allergies are taken extremely seriously.  We take extra precaution to ensure our customers are aware of what is in the ingredients.

Precaution 1. You will notice a question mark beside each menu item on the website, if you click this you will see the ingredients and allergy notice

Precaution 2. When your food is delivered you will see a menu with highlighted dishes and the allergy notice

Precaution 3. We work within a large kitchen, therefore we have the space to designate certain areas for peanuts, raw meats, sandwich making, cooking etc

Precaution 4. All health and hygiene and allergens regulations are adhered by to a very high standard.

*If you have any kind food allergy please ensure you let a member of staff know before ordering your buffet*


Our Working Hours

Flavoured Fork operate our catering business Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and occasional weekends for large corporate events only.


Our Ordering System

  1. Our website ordering system is easy, simply click on the items you would like included in your buffet, then enter the number of attendees at the bottom.
  2. Email us your order requirements and we will confirm a price to you.
  3. Alternative and you can trust us to put a great selection of your best selling dishes and sandwiches together also covering vegetarian items. please confirm your budget for this option.


Our customers agree our prices are very fair for the service we provide.  You are paying for freshly made high quality produce.  We refused to use pre-packed processed foods.


Company Insurance

Flavoured Fork are fully insured by Aviva