The Brownie Story…

For years my clients have enjoyed my delicious gooey in the middle brownies, as a result, during lockdown I decided to pass this knowledge on to my Daughter Kiki…

Kiki managed to raise £1,696 for the NHS by selling our secret recipe homemade brownies and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her! What an achievement at 11 years of age.

Whilst Kiki is now busy back at school, unfortunately, this can’t be said for the corporate catering trade which is obviously worrying, however, recognising that my brownies are an absolute winner I decided to work out a way to spread the brownie love across the UK and help people connect with show appreciation for their loved ones remotely.

The first week of posting my brownies on social media, I was completely overwhelmed with the response and the quantity of orders I received! Not only did we do our part for the NHS but it also put us in good stead to create another side to my Flavoured Fork business.

I ran a poll on Instagram and Facebook…. “What would you rather receive through the post… Flowers or Brownies?” brownies won by 98% say no more! These are an amazing luxury gift for all chocolate lovers!

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